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What a better way to celebrate Father’s Day and Inspiration Friday than to showcase Great Father’s Day Movies and Hero.

Hot Sexy Saree Beautiful Kerala Girls Top 10 South Asian Weddings that Went Viral on YouTube – Asian weddings have gained a great reputation all over the world. But what makes them so special? DESIblitz looks at 10. Molly Jane Nude You Asked, We Answered: Your Biggest Makeup Questions, Answered – In today’s edition of You Asked, We Answered: your biggest

Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith all played guitars made from wood salvaged from New York buildings. Now there’s a.

LOVE VICTOR is a brand-new coming-of-age show about teenager and his burgeoning sexuality – but who is in the cast of the.

From the Obamas and Beyoncé’s to Alia Bhatt and Sundar Pichai’s speeches, listen in on the most thought-provoking words of.

How They Made It: The Haircut Scene in ‘The Bourne Identity’ – Matt Damon, Franka Potente, an awkward director, some shears, and a bottle of Jagermeister came together in 2002 to create.

Last week at my accountant’s office, Tom asked me about chick flicks that his girlfriend would enjoy, which got me thinking.

It was a solemn one, though, and to save for it Mariann spent only $66 on her bridal gown. Wendell and Mariann Hardy had lived most of their lives in the fast-growing southwestern city of Tucson,

Vicki Wood’s racing career is a plum subject for a documentary, because it’s the kind of thing that only happens in movies. A.

Elijah is serving as producer on the motion picture, along with Daniel Noah, Lisa Whalen and Kim Sherman. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ star recently confessed that he had never read any Stephen King novels.